MI Smart Space Heater S
MI Smart Space Heater S

MI Smart Space Heater S

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater 1S, affordable, quiet 2200W smart electric heater

Remote control via smartphone - 2200W - Suitable for environments up to 46 m2 - Constant temperature between 16-28ºC - Built-in display - IPX4 waterproof

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater 1S comes to PowerPlanet to warm you up on those cold days in the most intelligent way possible. This 2200W radiator will quickly heat up your room, and you can even control it remotely with your smartphone. Interesting, isn't it? Stay here and we'll give you all the keys to love this little gadget.

Quick heating of the rooms with 2200W

To be more precise, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater 1S is a smart electric heater with aluminium foil and 72 heatable elements. This makes it perfect for heating spaces of up to 46 m2. And thanks to its high heat dissipation power of up to 2200W, it will do so quickly.

Quiet operation and natural air heating

Another advantage of this radiator is that it does not have any fans, so it heats the air naturally, without drying it out and without moving particles that can worsen allergy symptoms, and performing a quieter operation. Instead, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater 1S makes use of a networked, honeycomb-like conduction system that guides the airflow to the surface.

Constant temperature between 16-28ºC

Choose the temperature you want between 16 and 28 degrees and relax, Mi Smart Space Heater 1S does the rest. Thanks to the integrated dual temperature sensor, the Xiaomi 1S heater maintains a constant temperature when the preset value is reached.

Remote control from smartphone

And here's the smart part! Connect the Mi Smart Space Heater 1S radiator via Wi-Fi and the Mi Home App and control it from your smartphone from anywhere. Turn it on when you leave work so that when you get home the room is already warm; turn the temperature up or down without moving from your sofa or bed, etc

Touch screen control

Although if you don't want to use your phone, you won't need to either. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater also features a large screen with three levels of brightness and touch control so you can set the temperature and power on from there.

A meticulous design typical of Xiaomi

What sets the Mi Smart Space Heater S apart from the rest of the heaters in this price range is the attention to detail. To begin with, all the edges and corners are rounded, to avoid injuries from knocks; and its legs are anti-slip. In addition, it will be very easy to transport and store thanks to its light weight of 6 kg and its side grips. And, of course, it will be totally usable in the bathroom thanks to its IPX4 certified waterproofing.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater 1S 1S at PowerPlanet

Always feel comfortable at home with Xiaomi and its smart home products. Buy Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater 1S at PowerPlanet, your trusted online shop.

Specifications Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater S:

  • General parameters
    • Brand: Xiaomi
    • Product: Smart Heater
    • Name: Mi Smart Space Heater
    • Model: 1S (DNQZNB05ZM)
  • Technical parameters
    • Type: Sheet Crest
    • Heat source: Electric
    • Heating power: 2200 W
    • Overheating protection: Yes
  • Design
    • Handles: Yes
    • Digital display: Yes
    • Colour: Aluminum / White
    • Laying options: Floor
  • Dimensions and weight
    • Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 459 x 684 x ​​90 mm
    • Width with support : 203 mm
    • Weight: 6 kg
  • Package content
    • 1x Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater S
    • 1x User Manual


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